About Us

Firstly, I would like to personally thank you for stopping by my site, as it means a lot to me to help provide all manner of technical information.

I started Byte I.T. to run my own MSP, but that didn’t pan out thanks to COVID. So, I decided to take my knowledge, skills and love of gaming to create this and a few other websites to share. This of course is the gaming site and I will be posting about my favorite games that I have played and or am currently playing. Planning on starting up different gaming servers, and will be posting a poll in the future to see what you guys want us to put online first.

I am known as SyPhEn and I have been on computers since 1977 and work in the industry, corporately since 1988 and even before that with my father’s shop that started with the release of the IBM 8086 and DOS. It has been an awesome journey and I will be sharing all of that on my main website, https://www.byteittech.com

We look forward to gaming with you!

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